Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is Indiana’s second-largest city, and is also the economic engine of the Northeast Indiana Region. 

With rich educational, historical, and community events, it’s easy to connect with the community!


Fort Wayne was built in 1794 after the US achieved independence and the US Army was ordered to secure the Indian Territory. 

In the 1800s, Fort Wayne flourished as immigrants poured into the area seeking jobs since the city was in great positioning of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

In the 1900s Fort Wayne continued its economic boom and large and major national US companies were founded here. 

Today, Fort Wayne is the hub of three rivers and a major metro area and considered one of the best places to live. 


Fort Wayne and surrounding areas have a low cost of living, great school, affordable housing, and a log list of family-friendly amenities. 

With many varying demographics in the area, Fort Wayne-Allen County is a great city to live in.


If you are looking for a great city to work in, start a business, raise a family, or retire, Fort Wayne may be the place for you!

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